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The Mission of Pink for Africa (PFA) is to provide breast cancer awareness, education and financial support to women of African descent in Africa and the US and in the process, tear down cultural and social mores, in order to improve outcomes for women of African descent.

Studies have shown that a disproportionate number of women who develop breast cancer in Africa fail to report to their doctor due to economic, cultural and social mores, or do not even known how to conduct a monthly self-breast examination. Further research has also found a predominant aggressive triple negative breast cancer gene among African women diagnosed with breast cancer.

In 2012 Pink For Africa started its mission of awareness, education & support to women in Ghana and will eventually spread to other African countries. Our goal is to empower African women through early detection and to help eradicate the stigma of breast cancer among African women.

Our immediate objective is to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and education in Africa, among women from age 12 to 99 - One Woman at a Time. This will be achieved through the dissemination of breast self-examination pamphlets, financial assistance to women in need of mammograms and through Pink for Africa public speaking engagements.


Through the internet and social media, Pink for Africa will educate women about their breast health by providing information about breast health, risks, screening, nutrition and more, as well as ideas on how to create dialogue to break down cultural, social, economic barriers and mores.

about US

Juliette Mills-Lutterodt

Meet Juliette, a mother, wife, philanthropist, and director of THE HOUSE OF JULS comprising of Juls Collection, JG by Juls, Juls Hair Collection, Juls Magnetic Lashes, and Ujana by Juls.  All of which pour a portion of its profits into Pink for Africa


Striving for success is a given, but impacting the world is her greatest desire, as evident by her products and services. After surviving breast cancer, this industrious personality has redefined innovation and ambition to keep raising the bar as a self-made successful businesswoman. She is an entrepreneur whose inauguration of her brand name has changed how the world reckons the act of survival.


Juls is in her 14th year of remission from cancer. She believes her journey is to continue helping and bringing awareness of breast cancer with financial support to the women of Africa.

Pink for Africa, a foundation that was set up to raise breast cancer awareness, was born in 2010 after a journalist asked Juliette “if you never lived in America, would you be alive today?” After pondering over that question for a while, Juliette realized that the one difference she had was that she lived in America where her chances of surviving breast cancer were higher than that of other African women very similar to herself and younger women who did not have the same advantages she had.

To date, Pink for Africa has helped raise breast cancer awareness among approximately 700,000 women across Africa.  The foundation stresses the importance of early detection and creates public awareness of risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support systems while decreasing the stigmas attached to this disease, and the need for a positive attitude.  

By coordinating with facilities in Ghana such as the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and Komfo Anokye Teaching hospitals respectively, Pink for Africa has donated breast prosthetics to over 400 women who have undergone mastectomies. Other donations of nearly $200,000 have been provided to cover costs for chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Juliette remains very passionate about using her experience to counsel other women with or without breast cancer to help them prevent or fight the disease.


Michelle has always had a passion for giving back. As a native of Jamaica, West Indies, she has seen first-hand the lack of access to basic healthcare where she grew up. Michelle came to the USA at the age of 17 years old and has always been drawn to the medical field. She started her studies in Biology with a minor in Business. She decided to use her Biology background to do Marketing and Business Development for the private healthcare sector.

Michelle A. Lowe

Nelly joined Pink for Africa because she believes that the organization presents a unique platform through which we can increase awareness of breast cancer, encourage early detection and mobilize financial resources with which to make a difference initially in Ghana, and eventually in other parts of the African continent.

Nelly Sai-Palm

Michael joined Pink for Africa because as an IT and Media Consultant with over 30 years in Tech and Multimedia, he believes Pink For Africa is a good place to help transform the lives of women with breast cancer and also to create awareness on this very expensive and deadly desease. He strongly believes Media and Technology plays a vital role in fighting breast cancer and more awareness can me made using Social Media and improved Ai in todays world. 

Michael currently lecturers in a Technical University in Ghana and is also the HoD for the Technology Department.

Michael M. Michel


Georgette Kusi-Boateng is a banker with over twenty years in the banking industry and as an entrepreneur. She is married with three children and enjoys reading and working out in her spare time. 

Just before her fortieth birthday her mother died from breast cancer because it was detected later. Her passion for Pink for Africa is tied to this reason to see as many women get educated on the importance of early detection. She has been on the board of Pink for Africa Ghana since its inception.

Georgette Kusi-Boateng


Marilyn is the secretary of Pink for Africa with 6 years of experience working alongside Pink for Africa. 

A product from the University of Ghana, Marilyn specializes in administrative work and is mainly responsible in the organization of institutions in educating and spreading awareness on Breast Cancer for Pink for Africa. Marilyn is a powerful force in the workplace and used her positive attitude and energy to motivate those around her. Marilyn is inspired daily by Juliette through her quest in what she does to help and support women living with breast cancer hence, her passion for helping pink for Africa stand for what it believes in. In her free time, Marilyn likes to read, blog and listen to music.

Marilyn Morkeh

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