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The Mission of Pink for Africa (PFA) is to provide breast cancer awareness, education and financial support to women of African descent in Africa and the US and in the process, tear down cultural and social mores, in order to improve outcomes for women of African descent.

Studies have shown that a disproportionate number of women who develop breast cancer in Africa fail to report to their doctor due to economic, cultural and social mores, or do not even known how to conduct a monthly self-breast examination. Further research has also found a predominant aggressive triple negative breast cancer gene among African women diagnosed with breast cancer.

In 2012 Pink For Africa started its mission of awareness, education & support to women in Ghana and will eventually spread to other African countries. Our goal is to empower African women through early detection and to help eradicate the stigma of breast cancer among African women.

Our immediate objective is to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and education in Africa, among women from age 12 to 99 - One Woman at a Time. This will be achieved through the dissemination of breast self-examination pamphlets, financial assistance to women in need of mammograms and through Pink for Africa public speaking engagements.


Through the internet and social media, Pink for Africa will educate women about their breast health by providing information about breast health, risks, screening, nutrition and more, as well as ideas on how to create dialogue to break down cultural, social, economic barriers and mores.